A new business opportunity: Internet censorship

As I have already mentioned, the Internet censorship in the world is growing up and especially in the totalitarian countries such as China, Vietnam, or Iran. The online international edition of CNN presented an article called “Cashing in on Internet Censorship” which deals with a new business activity: selling the freedom. In Chine and Iran, the internet censorship is growing much faster in last years than in the past. The censorship starts to be more and more aggressive which is supported by fact that in Iran, the government imposed a permanent ban on Gmail, which is the Google’s mail system. In China, the social networks like facebook, twitter, or video sharing portal youtube are blocked. In these countries, people are looking for tools which will allow them to access blocked information and some software companies decided to offer such a tool by using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other similar workarounds. The virtual private network (VPN) offers to users to break the barriers to blocked information. Such idea proved as a great business opportunity. People from countries where government is regulating the internet showed that they are looking for the service like that and they will to pay for it. The lawyers say these companies are not breaking the Chinese law because they are not acting on the territory Chine. Bill Bullock, VPN provider, said to CNN: “When we see new blocking techniques in China, we have to count them. It is an ongoing war” (Farrar, 2010). Over one million people in China are using the VPN’s system and the company grown 500 percent in the last year. “Our goal is not in anyway disrespect the government of China. We just happened to build a cool technology that people in China want to use,“ said Gorodyanskym, founder of the company (Farrar, 2010).

Just one more information at the end: One version of VPN is for free, then you pay about 16 US dollars per year (Farrar, 2010).


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