Internet censorship in Europe

Internet censorship is spreading through the world. Everyday, we read the news about man who downloaded a video which was considered to be child pornography, or about an advert on cereals which was censured for its pornographic characteristics. This does not happen only in Chine or North Korea. In the article called “Internet Censorship Brussels Style”, published on Radio Netherlands Worldwide, we can read that it happens everyday in all Europe.  The article discusses the situation of today Europe and the growing tendency of governments to censor the content of the internet. Everybody will probably agree that children pornography should not be tolerated and should be punished as a serious crime. For that reason, some European countries decided to create so called Black List of web pages containing children pornography and they are going to filter them. The problem is that it brings a big danger of wider censorship. “Once infrastructure is in place, you can filter anything you want”, argue security officer Alex de Joode (Jong, 2010). The article warns of misusage of such law. In majority of countries where the filter was used, the censorship did not include only the children pornography. I recommend to read this article and to make your own opinion on this issue. “If EU home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmostrom has anything to do with it, filtering will soon be compulsory in the rest of the EU as well” (Jong, 2010).


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