EU deals with internet censorship in Iran

The European Union tries to cope with the Internet censorship as well as the Asian and American countries. In German, there is a censorship of web pages which glorifies Nazism, and in majority of European countries, the governments want to establish the censorship of websites containing children pornography. As we see, internet censorship occurs all around the world. However, the European Union is not acting only on its territory, but wants to show its solidarity to Iran citizens (Harrington, 2010).

Iran is blocking the official sites of BBC, CNN and the other foreign news websites to make its citizens do not hear the true about their own country. The blockage of facebook, youtube, independent blogs and news servers is the matter of course. The main issues why the European Union started to occupy by the internet censorship in Iran are the nuclear power program and the parliamentary elections from last year. The EU along with the USA found out that Iran has more than enough reserves of uranium. Iran was later accused that they are going to create the nuclear weapons. The other issue is that after the elections last year, the winning party started to censure the opposing party. They also blocked all websites criticizing the current government, and of course their reserves of uranium and the nuclear program. Simply said, the citizens of Iran are cut from the reality (Harrington, 2010).

In March this year, the European Union announced Iran has to immediately stop blocking the Internet, but Tehran did not agree. The declaration of the European Union does not say exactly what sanctions can the EU do against the Iran in term of mass communication but the EU came with the provisional solution. The EU is going to halt the export of some electronic and telecommunication equipment which can be used to manufacture the systems for blockage. “Restrictions and limitations on the use of new technologies have emerged as a key challenge to the respect for human rights in many parts of the world, undermining the potential the technologies have in promoting freedom of expression” (Phillips, 2010).

We can see that the internet censorship does not need to be necessarily used only for the religious and ideological reasons. In the age of nuclear power, the censorship can be much more dangerous than it can appear. If the citizens do not have access to independent and objective information, they can be easily tricked by their own government. I find this cause well underlying my topic of danger of internet regulation.


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    • Oksana
    • May 23rd, 2010

    It’s ridiculous!freedom of speech please!especially in XXI century!

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