Hallo everyone, Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Barbora Chromečková, I am 21 years old student from the Czech Republic and I study at the University of New York in Prague. This blog was made for my Media and Society class as a Media Literacy Project and I hope everybody enjoys reading my postings.

The topic of my blog is the Internet Content Regulation. I find this topic very interesting and important nowadays when the internet network is enlarging and having more and more significant influence on the society. Thanks to its influence, the totalitarian countries decide to establish the Internet censorship to “protect” its citizens from foreign news and that threatens their human rights. On the other hand, some countries decide to protect the human rights by censoring the websites containing children pornography, or glorifying of Nazis which rapidly spreads through the Internet. However, both these reasons for censoring the content of the Internet meet with protests. People call for freedom of speech and expression and want to have unlimited access to the information.

The aim of this blog is to make you more familiar with the current situation in the world in the term of Internet censorship and recommend you few websites and interesting articles. I believe we live in a democratic world where the Internet censorship does not have its place. I hope you will shape your own opinion on this serious issue and come up with your comments.

Do remember! In democracy, each voice has its value!


Barbora Chromečková

Picture source:

Supreme Court Strikes Down Internet Censorship Law. Earth Hope Net Work. Retrieved May 14, 2010, from

    • akvablog
    • May 24th, 2010

    The free speech in media, especially in the internet, is really touchy and hot issue nowadays especially in some countries- like China. I really like the articles you chose, they brought me wider perpective about the issue and also some new information I didn’t know before.

  1. May 24th, 2010

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