Blogs of my Classmates

Hello everyone,

I would like to recommend few blogs of my classmates which I find very interesting and full of very useful information.

First blog I would recommend to read is the blog by Martina Slozilova. The main topic of this blog is the portrayal of Muslims and Islam in media. This topic is very important nowadays when we deal with dangerous terrorist attacks which are generally connected with Muslims. Martina’s blog shows how Media generalize the Muslims and shows them all as terrorists. We have to deal with this phenomenon and try to see all religion as equal. If you are interested in this topic, go to Martina’s blog:  Martina underlines one important fact- that media when talking about terrorism always connect it with Muslims. That makes people think that Muslims are terrorists without exception. That is not right and now it is on us. We have to think about that and shape our own opinions.

The other blog I would recommend to visit is the blog by Eva Slajsova. This blog is about the portrayal of beauty in media. In her blog, Eva shows the negative as well as positive sides of beauty portrayed in media. I believe we all are somehow influenced by the adverts which influence our feelings of our bodies. For example, Eva’s blog show the ad campaign made by DOVE company which I find very interesting and inspiring. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend you to visit this blog:

I would also recommend you to read the Vivienne’s blog. Her blog touched me a lot mainly because it gave me lot of new information. If you are interested in buzz marketing and advertising, go to visit her blog. In one post, she also discuss if the advertising to children should be band or not. What do  you think? Do you want to know more about this issue?  Visit Vivienne’s blog on:

If you are interested in military and in what is the portrayal of military in media, I would recommend you to visit the blog by Jan Kotouc. His blog concerns about how media were connected with military in past and how is the situation today. One post also concentrate on military in video games which is also very interesting. What do you think? Can the military theme of video games influence our view on war and particular conflicts? You are not sure? Then visit Jan’s blog where you will find interesting articles on:

The last but not less interesting blog which I would recommend to visit is the blog by Pete Stejskal. He deals with the topic of the death of print media. Are you afraid of that? Do you prefer printed press rather that news on the internet? Go to visit Pete’s blog. This blog will serve you useful information about current situation of magazines and newspapers and try to guess how could their future look like. For visiting Pete’s blog go on:

I hope you will enjoy reading the blogs of my classmates at least like me!

 Barbora Chromeckova

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