Interesting links to visit

  • I would like to recommend to all visitors of my blog few web pages, which can be very useful in understanding the difficulty of the internet content regulation. I personally also used some facts from these web pages I found them very well structured and organized. The first of them is the webpage called Internet Law and Policy Forum. The ILPF is a business nonprofit association which focuses on Internet as new aspect of our society and world economy. The ILPF is a world leader in shaping the laws and policies of the internet content regulation, they also provide a neutral forum and international perspective in developing practical solutions of today’s big question- If the Internet should be regulated- in terms of law and also technology. I would highly recommend you to go through this website full of very interesting information.
  • The other webpage I would like to recommend you to visit is called Berkman Center for Internet and Society. This website is under the auspices of Harvard University and its mission is to understand the cyberspace, its development, norms, and standards. They also focus on need or lack of laws which would supervise the internet content. This webpage contains many researches focusing on the cyber law and articles about Internet’s influence on democracy. This webpage is very well structured and I believe everybody finds there much useful information.
  • The last webpage I used while creating this blog and which I find very beneficial you find under the name Open Net Initiative. The ONI is the partnership of three institutions while one of them is the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society. The aim of ONI is to analyze the Internet flittering and to help to inform better public policy and advocacy working in this area. Internet censorship is a growing world phenomena and the goal of this website is to inform wider population about these practices. This webpage contains much interesting information about censorship and if you are not familiar with any facts, this webpage will definitely help you.


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